Hiya, I'm Sarah!

I am a Boudoir photographer in the Wichita Area. When I asked my closest friends how they would describe me to others, they replied with 'loud, energetic, selfless, spunky, and loyal'... so I'm gonna go with those! :)

My true passion in life is making a difference in others lives, especially other women. I know the hurt behind not loving yourself. The self defamation, physical denial, and lack of worth. I have learned that how I see myself, and more importantly how much I love who I am despite the extra pounds or other "imperfections" society has defined...loving all of me really makes a difference in my happiness. I want to offer that realization to other women. You are BEAUTIFUL! You are ENOUGH!

Aside from my love of empowering women, at the end of the day, the most important part of my life is God, my husband, our 2 girls, and our extended family/friends....followed closely by black coffee (a LOT of it), a scoop of peanut butter (and by scoop I mean a ladle full!!), and garage sales/bargain shopping. My husband reeeeaaaalllyy wishes I would drop the last one!!

Lets hang out, be friends, build each other up, and capture your perfect beauty together. I am SO glad you are here <3